What does Kiaido Ryu mean?

Through our unique approach to the martial arts, our instructors are committed to building a strong foundation that enables all students to become their own masters in life. Our aim is to develop and enhance the positive qualities and tremendous potential inside every student; by providing the keys and tools that eliminate fear and limited beliefs, and empower students to walk their own unique path, to a purposeful goal-oriented life.


means life force or universal energy. Through martial arts training we learn how to tap into our own internal power. In addition to improving physical fitness our training also develops internal strength, helps to remove limitations and barriers, and releases our true potential.


stands for the importance of having harmony and balance in our lives. Through understanding Yin Yang philosophy we develop physical, mental and spiritual balance in all aspects of our lives.


is the Way or Path to personal growth and self mastery; promoting physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual growth. Raising consciousness is one of the ultimate goals of the martial Way.


means group or family of martial arts schools. Kiaido Ryu has a strong emphasis on providing a positive and supportive family environment. This provides all our students with a support structure of mutual respect that empowers them to become all that they are capable of becoming.

Next Event

Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Shihan Phil
Sunday March 14th   10am-2.30pm
Thames Jack Mclean Community Center
Rolleston Street

Register with your Instructors by Fri 12th
$30 if registered $35 at the door
Orange Belts and up may attend.
This seminar will be covering Positional Drills so make the most of
Shihans knowledge and come and up grade your skills.
These seminars are always a lot of fun so register asap.
Remember to bring your water bottle & lunch.

Warriors Wisdom Part 1.
Fri March 5th 7pm start - ends Sunday 7th March 1.30pm
You still have time to get your name in and join us for a great
weekend in the beautiful Kauaeranga Valley, Thames.
Learn how to make a plan for your life and follow the skills taught on this course to help make the changes you may need to move forward for greater results.
Anyone can attend this course they do not have to be Kiaido Ryu Student.
Want more information then contact us below and we will send through more details
contact: Lance Strong MNZM or Ava Strong MNZM
email: lstrong@xtra.co.nz





Postponed and rescheduled to above date

August Saturday 15th   10am - 2.30pm
Just about time for the All Ranks Training Day.
Make sure you let your Instructor know you are attending by Thursday 13th August.
It will be an awesome day of rank specific training and a little bit of Hanshi Seminar. The biggest thing about it will be the fact we can all catch up and find out how everyone is doing.

The Gathering function in the evening will be awesome socialising  having a little dance it seems almost like normal life hahaha. 
Come and enjoy it with us. See your Instructor to get your last minute ticket. More details below:

August, Saturday 15th Thames - 10am - 2.30pm $25
Thames Jack Mclean Community Recreation Centre
Thames High School, Rolleston Street

After training join KRMA friends and family at 

THE GATHERING” function at GBD

Nibbles and a Disco will be included in Ticket with a Casual Dress code.
More details and cost to follow.
Make sure you let your Instructor know if you would require tickets as numbers will be limited.

Next Grading Day will be:
December 4th Black Belts
December 5th All Ranks

Other dates to for rest of year are:
Warriors Wisdom Part 1 –August 21,22,23
Warriors Wisdom Part 2 – Sept 18,19,20 TBC
All Ranks Camp – Nov Sat 14, 15   (at this point still a go)
last being the Gradings in Dec 4,5