What does Kiaido Ryu mean?

Through our unique approach to the martial arts, our internationally certified instructors are committed to building a strong foundation that enables all students to become their own masters in life. Our aim is to develop and enhance the positive qualities and tremendous potential hidden inside all students. To provide the keys and tools that eliminate fear and limited beliefs, and empower students to walk their own unique path in life, to lead a purposeful goal-oriented life.


means life force energy or universal energy. Through our martial arts training, we learn how to connect to this energy and tap into our own internal power. This develops our internal strength, removes limitations and barriers, and releases our potential.


stands for the importance of having harmony and balance in our lives. Understanding the philosophy of Yin and Yang we develop physical, mental and spiritual balance in all aspects of our lives.


is the Way, or Path to personal growth, fulfillment, and self mastery. Physical, mental, and spiritual growth, and raised consciousness are some of the ultimate goals and outcomes of following the martial Way.


is our group or family of martial arts schools. Kiaido Ryu has a strong emphasis on providing a positive and supportive family environment. This provides all our students with a support structure of mutual respect that empowers them to become all that they are capable of becoming.

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2019 Dates: Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts

April 12th-14th – WW Part 1
April 28th Jiu Jitsu -Green Belt, Brown Belt all Black levels 
May 24th,25th,26th  – WW Part 2 
June 15th & 16th – Camp – All ranks
July 5th – Black Belt Grading
July 6th – All ranks Grading & Annual Dinner
August 16th – WW Part 1
Sept 7th & 8th – Instructor Cert Part 1
Sept 21st  & 22nd – Instructor Cert Part 2
Nov 9th & 10th – Camp – All ranks
Dec 6th – Black Belt Grading
Dec 7th – All ranks Grading