Affiliation to the Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts International


If you would like to know more about how you, or your school, can become a part of the Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts International organization you can contact us at or call 07 869 0180 or 021 502 333, New Zealand.

A genuine frustration for many high ranking martial artists and instructors training today is the lack of really advanced information, classes, and training knowledge available for them to continue their personal studies and growth to a very high level after Black Belt.

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts makes this advanced knowledge available to you and provides regular high level study resources and opportunities to all our senior ranks.

Your studies will move from Basic, to Advanced, to Masters Level in all elements of our comprehensive syllabus.

The benefits of being an Instructor in Kiaido Ryu are many and include:

  • The benefits of being a Kiaido Ryu Instructor are many and include:

    • A most comprehensive, progressive, and leading edge written syllabus
    • Complete DVD Video resources for all elements of the Syllabus for Basic, Advanced, and Masters levels
    • Comprehensive Instructor and Student support services resources
    • Readily available high levels of knowledge in key areas including: the Six levels of Karate Kata Self Defence (Bunkai) including Kiai-Jitsu,  Kyusho Jitsu-Tuite Jitsu, (Pressure Points), Jiu Jitsu (Small Circle and BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing and Kickboxing Skills, Muay Thai, Stickfighting  - Arnis Mati and Modern Arnis, Martial Arts Weapons and Weapons Defence, Wei Keun Do (The Ten Angles of Attack & Trapping Hands), and real world Street Self Defence.
    • Instructor Certification Training
    • Internationally recognized Rank and Instructor Certification
    • Affiliation to an international martial arts network
    • Access to a worldwide network of martial arts knowledge and research
    • Regular regional and international Advanced and Masters Classes and Training Camps covering all core elements of the KRMA Syllabus
    • Regular visits by leading overseas martial arts instructors including Grandmasters Leo Fong, and 5 Times World Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long
    • The support of a very family-based organization
    • Real people, no Macho attitudes
    • Marketing and Promotional Support and information to really grow your school
    • High Standards, Values, and Ethics
    • A support structure that assures you live your dream to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable martial arts professional

Bokken SheathedPlease note: You cannot just do some sort of 12 week course and become a Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts Instructor. We only want sincere and genuine martial arts Black Belts who have several years of instructing experience, and who have a serious desire to grow their knowledge, who have a focus on personal growth, and who have a true commitment to the development of their students.

We only want instructors in our organization who are doing it for the right reasons. This includes a desire to make a real difference in the lives of their students.


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2019 Dates: Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts

April 12th-14th – WW Part 1
April 28th Jiu Jitsu -Green Belt, Brown Belt all Black levels 
May 24th,25th,26th  – WW Part 2 
June 15th & 16th – Camp – All ranks
July 5th – Black Belt Grading
July 6th – All ranks Grading & Annual Dinner
August 16th – WW Part 1
Sept 7th & 8th – Instructor Cert Part 1
Sept 21st  & 22nd – Instructor Cert Part 2
Nov 9th & 10th – Camp – All ranks
Dec 6th – Black Belt Grading
Dec 7th – All ranks Grading