Founder of Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts (KRMA)

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts was founded by Grandmaster and 9th Degree Black Belt Lance Strong (MNZM). Lance has been involved in the martial arts for over 60 years and has been an instructor for over 35 years.  

In November 2006 Lance was awarded his 8th Degree Black Belt and Hanshi title by Grandmaster Leo Fong and the Kiaido Ryu Masters Board. 

"Lance is a visionary who sees martial arts as a continuous journey toward self-improvement. He is a true teacher who is able to guide students to the door of knowledge and inspire them to enter and discover themselves." 
Grandmaster Leo Fong - Los Angeles USA

Hanshi Lance is also the highest ranking instructor of Dillman Karate International, outside of the USA. He was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt in D.K.I in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1996. He was graded by a board of Grandmasters, consisting of four of the world's best-known martial artists, Professor Wally Jay 10th Degree, Professor Remy Presas 10th Degree, Leo Fong 10th Degree and George Dillman 9th Degree.

In Los Angeles in 2012 Lance was also awarded his 5th Level ranking in Grandmaster Leo Fong’s martial art of Wei Keun Do, or “Way of the Integrated Fist.”

Due to his extensive experience in martial arts weaponry Lance has also been involved in stunt work/weapons choreography for the television programs Hercules and Xena.

In 1995, Lance was awarded the Thames/Coromandel District Sports Award for Service to Sport. He has an extensive background in Education and Training, having worked for Toyota New Zealand for many years as Training Manager. Lance was responsible for delivering leading edge training in the areas of Personal Development, Peak Performance, Leadership Skills and Total Quality Management. He also spent three and a half years in the corporate world in America where he worked as a Senior Vice President of Operations, while continuing his extensive martial arts studies.

Throughout his career Lance has had an enthusiastic interest in the development of human potential, and helping people live their very best lives, by combining modern motivational training with the deeper philosophies and teachings of the martial arts.

To make this knowledge readily available he has developed the course called "Warriors Wisdom." The content for this is based on Lance's book "Warriors Wisdom."

(Copies of the book are available through our on-line shop)

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts is affiliated to Dillman Karate International USA, Grandmaster Leo Fong's Wei Kuen Do, and is a member of the US based United World Martial Arts Federation. 

All Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts rankings are internationally approved and sanctioned by a panel of Masters:

  • Grandmaster Lance Strong 8th Degree Black Belt
  • Grandmaster Ava Strong 7th Degree Black Belt
  • Master Paul Hinton 6th Degree Black Belt

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2019 Dates: Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts

April 12th-14th – WW Part 1
April 28th Jiu Jitsu -Green Belt, Brown Belt all Black levels 
May 24th,25th,26th  – WW Part 2 
June 15th & 16th – Camp – All ranks
July 5th – Black Belt Grading
July 6th – All ranks Grading & Annual Dinner
August 16th – WW Part 1
Sept 7th & 8th – Instructor Cert Part 1
Sept 21st  & 22nd – Instructor Cert Part 2
Nov 9th & 10th – Camp – All ranks
Dec 6th – Black Belt Grading
Dec 7th – All ranks Grading