Extra students graded in Thames July 31st 2014
Congratulations to new Black Belts(Shodans): Sabine Gass, Roger Gass, Anders Bjerring and Joel Brock great effort and now your new journey begins.

Kiaido Ryu Martial Arts Mid-Year Grading’s/Awards Ball Evening - July 4th & 5th 2014
Well what a fantastic start to the grading weekend with Hanshi chanting the first grading. We have 10 new Black Belts (Shodans) coming through to join the front line. The standard was great and we have 2 of the smallest Black Belt juniors but with a lot of heart.  The speeches at the end of this grading are always an enlightening moment as we hear what the personal thoughts from each of them are about their martial arts.  Congrat’s to all those that put in a great effort and achieved this level of mastery. Now your journey truly begins!
Saturday saw a lot of nervous but excited students arriving early and running through techniques or just generally catching up with friends from other Dojo’s that they hadn’t seen for a while.  With registrations completed and time ticking by the students were all called to line up. 
Firstly Hanshi and I asked all teaching Instructors to the front for students and the public to recognize the work that they put in through the year to help get their students prepared for this day and others.  A gift was given to each and we thank you for the huge effort of sharing your knowledge and giving KRMA a strong base and continuing to add to the growth of the system.
Okay now it’s time to get the show on the road! Yellow to Orange chanted by Renshi Phil Murray & Orange to Blue Belts chanted by Sensei Shane Richards were up first and the good numbers showed the strength of the system is still growing.  These groups are usually the most nervous, not having been a part of a large grading.  But everyone succeeded in impressing their grading panel and 64 students came through to their next level.
The next 3 levels all ran at the same time Blue to Purple chanted by Dai Sempai Kartik Patel, Purple to Green chanted by Dai Sempai Christine Townsend (first time chanter and very well done) and lastly Green to Brown chanted by Sensei Dean Message. 56 Students put through their paces and a lot of sweat, and bo’s/sticks in all directions, but no problems as these are true martial artists with lots of control. All impressed the grading panel to come through to their next level.

The standards throughout were very high and I’m sure all students will be proud of their achievements.  To all the chanters thank you for your efforts you all make it look easy to chant but as we know it takes enthusiasm to keep all those grading up-beat, the energy and focus up and everyone on the right track, and to call a good grading.
Grading panels a big thank you as well. You are all paying it back to those who sat and graded you. It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of the grading panel and make a positive difference in a student’s life.

Nidans were last up for the day but certainly not boring.  Starting with the weaponry and all Kata’s were performed well with great focus.  Sparring gear on, the music was turned up, and off we went for the grueling 30x2minute rounds of sparring. We had a good bunch of sparring partners at the start but slowly whittled down to a few but we made it through all rounds. A few noses hit and ribs and other bits and pieces but generally good control.  The 25th round came and 5 minute rest was appreciated and then BAM!! Back you go 5 rounds to go, 5 great rounds really testing the strength and heart of all those grading.  This is where you dig deep to make it through with determined Warrior Spirit. The last round counted down from 10seconds and then a huge cheer from all those in the hall for the warriors who just completed their grading.  Lots of sweat and some tears but mainly just joy at the end for families and students.  Lots of soggy hugs and handshakes, then they lined up to see if they’d made it.  Of course they did. Well-done to the new Nidans; 7 more DAI SEMPAIS” awesome. Congrat’s to Dervla Braem(Remuera), Michelle Rogatski(Remuera),Jared Beckett, Allan Cherry, Gary Flynn, Guenther Granitzer, Steve Twitchin all from Otumoetai.  I’m positive your Instructors are as proud of you all as Hanshi and I am. Thanks also to our chanters Renshi Michael Thompson and Sensei Les Scott for another well run Nidan grading.

Jason Sutton great job keeping the grading panel happy in the Assembly hall its much appreciated. Dalphina Walder (Ava’s sister) you had a chilly job by the door but thanks for keeping the shop open for students to get Kiaido Ryu products.

Time to Party: The ball kicked off (little pun) at 6pm and our new photographer Dharesh Patel took to it like a duck to water.  Clicking away at everything and that was awesome; catching people in all kinds of pics at the grading’s as well as the Ball; check out the awesome pics on Facebook.
Cheers to all those that attended our 31st Awards & Ball. You all made it a great night to remember as you took the time to get dressed up and those masks were fantastic.  We couldn’t tell who was who haha. I know they didn’t stay on all night but some of you made a huge effort to last until around 10.30 before unmasking, as for me it was gone in 5 minutes sorry!. “Isn’t it, the thought that counts”?
The band Radiobaby were great as they were last year with a lot of new music and the food from Aroha Catering just hitting the spot around 6.30pm.
Hanshi and I enjoyed playing you all some of his originals with our band Fire&Rain.
Lastly thanks also to the students and friends who helped get the Hall all decorated and looking as cool as it did, Lots said it was the best so far. Cheers
Anyway it was a great night with friends and we look forward to catching you all in the Dojo’s soon.

Here are the winners of the Budo Awards 2014

Budo Junior Male: Tama Matthews (Te Waotu)                         Budo Junior Female: Sophie Hock (Otumoetai),
Budo Senior Male: Keegan Clarke Latham (Hunua)                   Budo Senior Female: Bridget Weller (Katikati).
Martial Artist of the Year: Manson Williamson (Otumoetai)
Instructor of the Year: Sensei Shane Richards (Otumoetai)

Grading Results Friday 4th July

Black Belt – Shodan
Terry Faulkner – Papamoa
Alexander Foster – Thames
Oscar Cao – Thames
Fergus McMillan – Thames
Felix Effinger - Thames
Vic Nikitin – Thames
Pete Mason-Riseborough – Hamilton
Ben Mason-Riseborough – Hamilton
Callum Koegh – Hamilton
Logan Trigg – Hamilton

Saturday 5th July

2nd Degree Black Belt – Nidan
Jared Beckett – Otumoetai
Allan Cherry – Otumoetai
Gary Flynn – Otumoetai
Steve Twitchin – Otumoetai
Guenther Granitzer – Otumoetai
Dervla Braem – Remuera
Michelle Rogatski – Remuera

Yellow to Orange Belt
Jack Pepper-Thames, Callum Cryer-Thames, Grace Wood-Thames, Claire Smith-Thames, Harry Catt-Thames, Bryn Simpson-Thames, Kate Sayer-Thames, Kerrin Ingle-Cox-Thames, Hayden Moxom-Thames, Kimheng Rous-Thames,Alec Olivier Anderson-Otumoetai, Libby Carter-Otumoetia, Tanika Gidall-Otumoetai, Matt Hill-Otumoetai, Mano Fourier-Taupo, George Crawford-Taupo, Cooper Beresford-Taupo, Jamie Palmer-Taupo, Stacy Piper-Papamoa, Zaydean Norris-TeWaotu, Bonnie McConnell-TeWaotu, Cosco McConnell-TeWaotu, Jalah Hellier-TeWaotu, Troy Collins-Katikati, Kyle Daisley-Katikati, Shirlene Daisley-Katikati, Flynn Main-Bombay, Adam Colyer-Bombay, Johno O’Brien-Bombay, Samantha Lee-Hunua, Lily Lockwood-Hunua, Hamish Bean-Hunua, Oisin Scott-Raglan, Amelia Penfold-Hunua

Orange to Blue Belt
Jordan Wheater-Thames, Hunter Rodgers-Thames, Reece Louden-Thames, Riley Elliot-Thames, Russell Mercer-Thames, Nerissa Mercer-Thames, Mark Nikitin-Thames, Chase Caie-Thames, Aimee Carr-Thames, Jordan Brookes-Otumoetai, Dante Dudley-Otumoetai, Sophie Hock-Otumoetai, Tommy Power-Otumoetai,Mike Bambury-Otumoetai, Tanner Beckett (graded in dojo) Otumoetai, Stacia Haitana-Taupo, Kaitlyn Peck-Taupo, Blayze Jarman-Bombay, Lauchlan Nesdale-Bombay, Dale Donovan-Bombay, Nakita Tolmie-Bombay, Shihani Kanji-Bombay, Nicholas Hill-Bombay, Drew Rixon-Hunua, Stephanie Mitchell-Hamilton, Matt Martin-Hamilton, Justice Abraham-Hamilton, Ethan Elders-Bickers-Hamilton

Blue to Purple Belt
Amelie Foster-Thames, Aaron Finn-Thames, Jaydyn Fowler-Reynolds-Thames, Alyssa Pieraar-Thames, Caragh Pieraar-Thames,  Joshua Baker-Thames, Marisa Dehar-Thames, Kimsothear Phan-Thames, Anne Hock-Otumoetai, Liam Hock-Otumoetai, Matthew Hock-Otumoetai, Oliver Power-Otumoetai, Alex Wright-Otumoetai, Jacob Dover-TeWaotu, Jackson Moore-Katikati, Olivia Darwen-Katikati, Melissa Hurne-Katikati, Jake Bow-Remuera, Williem Kelly-Remuera, Sam Donovan-Bombay, Kian Hill-Bombay, Ryan Kellas-Bombay, Blake Tonkin-Hamilton

Purple to Green Belt
Alan Wheater-Thames, Sarah Rich-Thames, Boston Auld-Thames, Steve Barker-Thames, Brendon Hock-Otumoetai, Malcolm Mitchell-Otumoetai, Debbie Mitchell-Otumoetai, Jack Power-Otumoetai, Hannah Elminger-Taupo, Keely Hohaia-Webb-Taupo, Danny Hohaia-Webb-Taupo, Jack Futter-Katikati, Joshua Lilly-Katikati, Wade Lindsay-Katikati, Andrew Lilly-Katikati, Wyatt Vujich-Remuera, Isaac Guinness-Remuera, Kirstie Hill-Bombay, Jake Rixon-Hunua, Max Ayrton-Brighouse-Hunua, Craig Tonkin-Hamilton, Mike Williams-Hamilton

Green to Brown Belt
Bradley Sayer-Thames, Peytyn Fowler-Reynolds-Thames, Daniel Flynn-Thames, Rata McMillan-Thames, Mikayla Cuttriss-Thames, Caroline Popich-Thames, Hamish Britain-Otumoetai, Klay Inglis-Otumoetai, Tama Matthews-Te Waotu, Melissa Davis-Bombay

Raglan Tournament a Success

Over 30 competitors entered from as far up as Kaitaia and as far down as Taupo with 6 Dojo’s in between.  It was a great day of competition and the standard just keeps going up. 

Congratulations to all those that entered as it takes guts to come forward and have a go but you all competed well.  Thanks to the judges and referees (Renshi  Phil, Sensei Dean, Sempai James) you guys had to make the hard calls but did a great job to keep all competitors happy.

Thanks to Sensei Dean and his Team who worked hard to get it all together for the day and help fundraise for the Raglan Dojo to purchase new equipment.

Next Tournament will be in Thames in September and we look forward to having even more enter into all divisions but especially work on building the Kata and Team Kata & Bunkai divisions.

Results of the Tournament below:  Congratulations

Sport JJ-Boys 12-14yrs               Sport JJ-Girls 9-10yrs                Sport JJ-Girls 14-15yrs
1st –Christian Linder                        1st-Brie Bennett                      1st-Amelia Penfold
2nd-Joshua Lilly                                2nd-Sarah Rich                      2nd-Sam Taaka
3rd-Turi Edmonds                                                                               3rd-Myaaliyah Rainy

Stand-Up 9-10yrs                        Stand-Up 12-14yrs                    Stand-Up 15-16yrs
1st-Bradley Sayer                         1st-Anders Bjerring                    1st-Jay Bryne
2nd-Boston Auld                           2nd-Flynn Williams                    2nd-Sam Taaka
                                                         3rd-Mitesh Patel                          3rd-Blake Kelly

Sport JJ Male-Lightweight              Sport JJ Male-Middleweight                      Sport JJ Male-Heavyweight
1st-Felix Effinger                                1st-Oliver Williams                                      1st-Mike Williams
2nd-Max Pierce                                   2nd-Matthew Martin                                    2nd-Michael Jesson
                                                              3rd-Jay Bryne                                               3rd-Cody Van Roest

Kata-Empty Hand
Junior                                         Senior
1st-Bradley Sayer                     1st-Dharesh Patel
2nd-Sarah Rich                         2nd-Samara Young-Isles
3rd-Kate Sayer                          3rd-Sam Taaka

Junior                                       Senior
1st-Bradley Sayer                   1st-Sam Taaka
2nd-Boston Auld                     2nd-Samara Young-Isles
                                                   3rd-Manson Williamson

Team Kata & Bunkai

1st- Mitesh Patel, Dharesh Patel, Claudia Chaplin, Sam Taaka





Papamoa - Papamoa Rec Centre (Gordon Spratt Reserve)  - SEMPAI JAMES CONNER opening  on FEB 3rd 2014
6pm -7.30pm  Mondays & Wednesdays
Tell all your friends and relatives and get along for the opening and demonstration day or contact James on 027 7794252

Australia: Melbourne Grading Results 2014

Congratulations to you all from Hanshi Lance and Kyoshi Ava and we plan on make it over next year.
Renshi said it was a good hard grading with lots of sweat and you all worked hard and deserved your new belts.

Grading results from  Monday night :

Jaime Baxendine     Orange Belt

Angelo Fauluto         Blue Belt

Daniel Birmele          Blue Belt

Simon Watts            Purple Belt

Jarryd Reedman       Green Belt


New Zealand Grading Results 2014

Congratulations to all those who graded it was a fantastic couple of days and you can all be proud of the effort you put in through the year to achieve these ranks. 

A huge WELL DONE to the Instructors who also put you through your paces and enabled you all to show your skills on the weekend and keep the high standards up throughout Kiaido Ryu.

Thank you to the grading panel who do a wonderful job of sitting through the day and giving back to the system with their time and effort  and knowledge to grade everyone.

Lastly to the Chanters who call all the grading out for you to be tested, its a real skill to be able to keep the energy of the groups up during this time and you all did a wonderful job. 

Cheers Hanshi Lance and Kyoshi Ava

Below are the grading results for Dec 6th & 7th 2013


Chanted by Hanshi Lance  (Thames)


Yellow to Orange Belt


Riley Elliot


Jordan Wheater


Reece Louden


Hunter Rodgers


Nerissa Mercer


Russell Mercer


Chase Caie


Mark Nikitin


Aimee Carr


Amber Martin


Devlin Nell


Mike Bambury


Jordan Brookes


John Burge


Dante Dudley


Sophie Hock


Ryan Irwin


Cody Van Roest


Amy Hunter


Lachlan Nesdale


Nicholas Hill


Nikita Tollie


Shihani Kanji


Dale Donovan


Luke Rose


Shingo Nakano 


Alexandra Bow


Kaiu Write


Erana Write


Maddison Bennett


Stephanie Mitchell


Matthew Martin


Justice Abraham
Taupo students graded 30th Dec
Stacia Haitana


Kaitlyn Peck
Oujirou Kurimura
Jaydyn Puha
Riley Knox
Liam Hasse
Sklar Pleasant
Liam Young 


Chanted by Dai Sempai Richard (Hunua/Bombay)


Orange to Blue Belt


Josemon Philip


Bradean Cheetham


Jaydyn Fowler-Reynolds


Marisa Dehar


Aisha Taipari


Joseph Esguerra


Kimsothear Phan


Tracey Taipari


Florence Crawford


Rebecca Hamilton


Anne  Hock


Matthew Hock


Chris Rossi


Max Rossi


Alex Wright   


Melissa Hurne 


Luke Townsend


Louise Pemberton


William Kelly


Evey Douglass-Dobson


Myaaliyah Rainey


Corbin Remnant


Blake Tonkin


Chanted by Dai Sempai Sam Taaka (Thames)


Blue to Purple Belt


Boston Auld


Steve Barker


Sarah Rich


Gary Duncan


Brendon Hock


Blake Kelly


Malcolm Mitchell


Debbie Mitchell


Jack Power


Elijah McPherson


Kirstie Hill


Millie Day Ellis


Brie Bennett


Michael Williams


Craig Tonkin


Chanted by Dai Sempai Hamish (Hamilton)


Purple to Green Belt


Bradley Sayer


Peytyn Fowler-Reynolds


Klay Inglis


Ranjit Singh


Mamta Prasad 


Ryan Clement 


Haley Deeming


Ruben Wairua


Turi Edmonds


Kaleb Fisher


Tina Lutzmann


Savannah Williams


Abigail Pratt


Chanted by Sensei Paul (Katikati)


Green to Brown Belt


Colt Jerram 


Alex Jenkin 


Pawan Kumar 


Brooke Sinclair 


Katie McCormick 


Anna Jenkin 


Ben Townsend 


Mitchell Townsend 


Paul Andrews


Sebastian Bull


Willy Tonga


Flynn Williams


Oliver Williams


Chanted by Renshi Phil (Hamilton)


Black Tips to Black Belt


Sharvorn McClinchie


Chris Burr


Keegan Clarke-Lathan


Robert Matthews


Samara Young-Isles


Joshua Foreman


DJ Purvis


Chanted by Sensei Les & Sensei Shane (Otumoetai)




Honour Israel


Ian Kerry


Cody Robertson

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